He is The Drywall Guy. Oliver has been called that by his customers for years.

The Drywall Guy.... That’s how Oliver's customers introduce him to their clients. If they are going to have a meeting with him onsite, it’s a meeting with The Drywall Guy. He really doesn’t mind it and has earned the title. Oliver started hanging drywall over 30 years ago during the summers when he was in High School. He went on to college, but always came back to drywall because it seemed so much easier and more peaceful to make a living in the trades than in corporate America. Before Oliver started his first company, Professional Drywall over 25 years ago,

he enjoyed finishing drywall by the foot, for whoever needed a skilled and reliable finisher. He enjoyed it so much that he finished all of his own work for a long time before becoming too busy to estimate, manage his company’s projects and to also work on the job.

But those who know him, know that Oliver is much more than The Drywall Guy. He is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Life Coach. He has developed land, served on a planning and zoning board, written grants and tiff agreements, worked with architects, engineers and municipalities and has built over thirty homes and a successful self- storage business. These are some of the reasons that make him a great addition to any home building or construction team. He intimately understands the challenges that can come up on any construction project and the necessity for all of the trades to work together as a team.

Although these days he is a business owner, teacher and entrepreneur, he learned a lot while spending thousands of hours finishing drywall those many years ago. Most importantly, he learned to be present while performing a trade. - "I learned to enjoy the moment, the feeling of the drywall knife in one hand and my drywall pan in the other. The satisfaction of seeing a smooth coat of mud skillfully applied to a seam. A coat that would become so smooth it would begin to look, as we used to say in the trade - like glass."Oliver also learned to appreciate a hard day’s work and to take pride in doing a great job for his customers.

He says that there are times when he misses those days of working on the job, day in and day out, with no worries or concerns. Just being present and finishing drywall. He didn’t know a lot about the concepts of zen or mindfulness back then, but now he understands that he was practicing finishing drywall and the art of mindfulness. Now he meditates and practices Yoga and Tai Chi. He tries to practice mindfulness in everything he does, which is another reason why he can be an instrumental part of any team. In being present and mindful, he’s learned to see things that others may not. If he takes on a project, he’s all in. - "When I’m with you and working on a project you won’t find me daydreaming about somewhere I’d rather be, because I have realized that, no matter who I’m with or what I’m engaged in, there is no moment more important than this moment."

While learning about business and human behavior, Oliver took a month off from work, took his family to Winter Park Colorado and had an opportunity to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with some of its early pioneers. He’s also studied Neuro-Associative Conditioning and Human Needs Psychology with its founders, Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. - "I try to bring this understanding of psychology, human behavior and strategic planning to everything I do. I use these tools when working with coaching and consulting clients and even while working with the kids on my soccer team."

Sometimes, when faced with a difficult challenge in their companies, Oliver’s colleagues and fellow business owners will ask him to come and white board with them to help find a solution. He’s always the guy standing at the front of the room, holding the marker and asking the questions. But one of the most important qualities that he brings to any team or group is the belief that every person we meet is part of our spiritual journey and that we were born to serve our fellow human beings. If you’ve had the opportunity to read his book The Way, a small book of wisdom, you probably already understand why so many people have sought him out as a coach or consultant or have hired his business to be a part of their construction team. He really does believe that life is a spiritual journey and that we are here to serve others.

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